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Our Mission

To Create Shifts in the Lives of Communities Around the World

Our current focus is creating a positive shift in our world through inspirational music! In collaboration with sponsors MC1/Nashville, Copper Lily Records, Blessed On Purpose & Legacy ShiftersSHIFTING LEGACIES is presenting an International Songwriting Contest called “Songs With Purpose.” It is open to entries in Country, Christian Country & Christian Hip Hop.

For as long as we can remember, music has been the soundtrack of society. Songs, of all kinds, have come to represent important cultural, political and social events. Talented songwriters have reflected on the world and our place in it and changed the course of history. For years, some of the most talented artists and many newcomers have shared their visions of a better world through their music. That is the focus of this International Songwriting Competition.

To support the wonderful songwriters entering the competition and to support Shifting Legacies ongoing mission, please consider making a donation to help us change the world through song!